Republic Soccer Club


Our Mission – Pursuing Virtue

The Republic Soccer Club is founded on principles that go beyond competition and performance. The pursuit of victory is a noble and worthwhile pursuit. As part of that objective, we aim to develop and train our players to be excellent athletes, to help them and encourage them to work hard and play at a higher level, but we also seek to instruct our players in integrity, a value that is too often sorely lacking on the fields of many competitive youth leagues today.

We want our boys and girls to learn skills on the field that will help them succeed in life. We also want to note that, as with any youth sports league, we have sponsors to whom we are accountable, so our behavior will naturally reflect on them.

As part of nurturing good sportsmanship, we want parents to be proactively involved in establishing guidelines to help us achieve this vision. These guidelines will include fostering an atmosphere of encouragement for players, coaches, referees, and parents, an atmosphere where destructive and degrading criticism is discouraged. We aim to encourage not only our own players but players on other teams as well. We will not disparage anyone. Foul language and rude gestures are not allowed. We will all be considerate of each other.

We want our players to be accountable and encouraging to one another. We want an environment of mutual respect among all parties—players, coaches, referees, and parents—both within our own teams and across competitive lines. The Republic Soccer Club aims to foster an atmosphere of accountability across the board that will include adults as well as children. We cannot expect our kids to practice good sportsmanship and proactive public reconciliation if we do not model it for them. For the Republic Soccer Club, victory goes beyond winning the game. We aim to win hearts as well. For us, soccer is not just a competition; it’s an opportunity, as with all pursuits in life, to build relationships that will extend beyond the field.

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