Republic Soccer Club


Expectations of Players

RSC expects players to do the following:

Republic Soccer Club athletes should demonstrate high standards of ethics and sportsmanship and promote the development of good character and other important life skills. The highest potential of sports is achieved when participants are committed to pursuing victory with honor according to the following principles: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, and integrity. This Code applies to all athletes
involved in Republic Soccer Club. I understand that, in order to participate in Republic Soccer Club, I must act in accord with the following:
•Trustworthiness — be worthy of trust in all I do.
•Honesty — Live and compete honorably; don’t lie, cheat or engage in any other dishonest or unsportsmanlike conduct.
•Reliability — Be on time to practices and games. If you cannot make it to practice or game, please let the coach or manager know ahead of time
•Respect — treat all people with respect all the time.
•Class — live and play with class; be a good sport; be gracious in victory and accept defeat with dignity; give fallen opponents help, compliment extraordinary performance, show sincere respect in pre-game and post-game rituals.
•Disrespectful Conduct — don’t engage in disrespectful conduct of any sort including profanity, obscene gestures, offensive remarks of a sexual or racial nature, trash-talking, taunting, boastful celebrations, or other actions that demean individuals or the sport.
•Respect Officials — treat contest officials with respect; don’t complain about or argue with official calls or decisions during or after an athletic event.
•Role-Modeling — Remember, participation in sports is a privilege, not a right and that I am expected to represent my parents, coaches and teammates with honor, on and off the pitch.
•Self-Control — exercise self-control; don’t fight or show excessive displays of anger or frustration; have the strength to overcome the temptation to retaliate.
•Integrity — Do what’s right even when it’s unpopular or personally costly. Live up to high ideals of ethics and sportsmanship


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